Opening Day

Hey there, folks!

Did you hear the news? Today marks the opening of my new blog, Sevren Tells Tales.

It’s my birthday! Or, rather, it’s my blog’s birthday! Woohoo!!!

I’m excited! Can you tell?

I’ll admit, I’ve blogged before. That’s right, I’m repeat offender. And while the last blog was great; we did interviews, chatted about the latest greatest projects, and gabbed over a variety of topics, by the end it got to feeling very scattered. I’d lost my focus, my will to blog.

But this time, with this one – being here with you, here and now, it feels special. Dare I say intimate?

(cue Barry White) Yes, baby, this time we’re gonna stay focused. We’re gonna take it slow and enjoy our posts. Mmm, that’s right, you’ve never known a blog like this before. Oh yeah.

Okay. Well, that got a little…weird. Sorry.

So, yes, back to staying focused.  I don’t want to do the usual format that blogs fall into. You know, the author of the blog writes on topics, sometimes interesting, sometimes not. And then occasionally the viewing audience comments. Yawn… I think what most blogs fail to do is engage their audiences. And, I think deep down, that’s what bloggers want: a conversation. I know that’s what I want. So here’s what I propose, we’ll talk about things, you and I; we’ll converse. Just you and me. Don’t mind those other people watching, they’re lurkers – nice people really but they’ve got a strange eye and a funny walk. If it makes you feel more comfortable I can turn the lights down low, I’m nice like that.

My plan is to do three posts a week. Pretty ambitions, right? No, not really. On Tuesdays we will talk about writing technique and craft work, I shall name it Technique Tuesday. Every Friday we’ll talk about something fun, freaky, or about fiction… I’ll call it Fun Friday, or Freaky Friday, or Fiction Friday…or maybe Fun, Freaky, Fiction Friday. I haven’t figured it out yet. Then on Sundays, I plan on talking about what I’ve done all week in my Sunday Wrap Up. In return, I’d like you to tell me what you’ve done all week. Even if you’ve put only one word down on a blank sheet of paper, or spent the whole week doing a whole bunch of not-writing, I want to know. If you came up with a great line or some smashing dialogue, brag and then share a link to your website so people can learn more about you.

On top of that, once or twice a month I’d like to post a free read for you. See…nice, that’s me! I have two series in mind (for now). One is just what comes of my writing exercises, called Writing Fitness. The other series is called They Fell In Love. I’ll keep them pretty short, somewhere around 500-1,000 words (1-2 printed (double spaced) pages for all of the non-writers out there). Please leave comments on those when they’re posted. I’m a writer and have a starving ego to feed. To find out more about the free reads, click this link here.

Down the line, I’ll have some friends stop by on different days to talk about different things. You’ll like them. They’re totally sane. *hides tell-tale grin*

As part of opening up my experience on this long and sometimes painful, but mostly fun and exciting life as an emerging writer, I invite you to check up on me and my progress. I post my calendar on my News! page, that has my daily going-ons professionally, and I keep running meters on my Works In Progress (WIPs) on my In The Works page. Check them out and poke at me if you think I’m slacking. I dare you.

So, that’s it. That’s the plan. More than anything, I want to hear from you, my audience, my people as I explore this creative path of mine. I challenge you to share a part of yourself with me. I challenge you to participate. If you have any feedback or requests for topics at any time, tell me. Comments and e-mail are perfect ways to reach me, or you can find me on my social haunts (see the home page).

Until next time!



3 thoughts on “Opening Day

    • Many thanks, JS! So far so good. I’m enjoying the clean look of the site template even as limiting as it is (I can’t put up all of my usual flashy widgets). It cuts down on the clutter and makes me choose what I really want to display. I appreciate you stopping by, and I hope to lure you back here more. We have important things to discuss.

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