January 27 – February 2, 2013

Happy Dance from AnimateIt.netIt’s Sunday.                                                                                                                    Do you know where your  Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm-Flailing Tubman is?

I know where mine is. He’s doing his happy dance, and I’m right there with him.

Friday I laid out a bunch of plans for you in my opening day statement. One of which was a promise that I would post an article on Sundays outlining what I’ve been up to for the seven days prior, and I do my best to uphold my promises, so here you are:

  • Sunday, January 27th:  I began writing the first chapter of my sci-fi piece. Accomplished putting 1,000 words down on A Phoenix Familiar. Worked on finalizing my website and synchronizing my social networks.
  • Monday, January 28th: Went to work and did technical writing, research, and editing until 5pm. Came home and wrote 1,000 words for A Phoenix Familiar bringing word count up to 2,000.
  • Tuesday, January 29th: Went to work and repeated work related duties from Monday. Came home and wrote 630 words even though I was really, really tired and didn’t feel so much like being in front of the computer again. Brought word count up on A Phoenix Familiar to 2,630.
  • Wednesday, January 30th: Work-more writing, editing, running around like crazy, meetings, menial tasks, website work, etc…. Came home, got ready to go out and meet Charlotte Writers for a social get together, stupidly watched the news to find out that a “tornado was coming” and wussed out. Stayed home and griped about the weather. Spent a couple of hours looking at, formatting, and ordering new business cards (CAN’T WAIT FOR THOSE TO COME IN!!!!).
  • Thursday, January 31st: Went to work and whined about how there was no stupid tornado and how I missed out on a good time. Some how got some work done in between. Came home and wrote Friday’s Opening Day post for my site. Gave my site one more good look over to make sure I hadn’t made some egregious typo that would live in infamy and then hyped up my post on face book.
  • Friday, February 1st: At work I prepared and submitted all of the articles, images, and layout notes for our company’s magazine, Millennial Magazine. Final count shows that I wrote about 1/3 of all of the articles (personal bragging moment accomplished). We’re not done, this is just the first step; we have about a month’s worth of back and forth editing with the publisher before (hopefully) it’ll be ready to print. Bragged about my new site to social media and responded to viewers during lunch. Got home and wrote another 500 words of the first chapter of A Phoenix Familiar, bringing the tally up to 3,130
  • Saturday, February 2nd: Wrote 504 words on A Phoenix Familiar and closed the first chapter out at 3,634. Downloaded an application for my computer so I can track how much time I spend writing and created a database to keep that information in. Not only do I want to know how much I write, but how long it takes me to get the words out. (I promise, I’ll start sharing that when I get a little faster than a grandma in winter). I began reading a great story written by a good friend, before I had to tear myself away for some fun. Had said fun. Came home and finished reading the story because dammit, it was just that good. Wrapped up the night writing blog posts.

My final word count for the week looks like this:

3,634 of 100,000 words (3.6%) complete [as of February 2, 2013]

So there’s a couple things that I hope to accomplish by doing this.

    • Create more work for myself  [  ]
    • Have a way to hold myself accountable to my goals. Public scrutiny and humiliation is an excellent deterrent for slacking.
    • Have some way to go back one day and see just how much I was able to do.
    • Be transparent in my processes as a writer so people can see at a glance just a fraction of what goes in to being a writer. (to combat the, you’re not doing anything but dicking around on the internet argument)
    • Show new writers, or non-writers how much work goes into being a successful writer. It’s not all fun and games folks.

Would I recommend that every writer do this? Yes.

What have you been up to this week?

Leave me a comment, pretty please.

Word count: 726


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