February 3 – February 9, 2013

This week started off productive and then sorta fizzled. *shrugs* happens sometimes. Here’s how week two of tracking my progress played out:

Sunday, February 3rd: Drove round trip to Raleigh to help my mom pick up a much-needed new (special) office chair. That was a six-hour slot taken out of the day.  Once we got home, I helped my son on his school project of cloud studies. I then spent a little while hemming and hawing about how I didn’t know what to do about the second chapter of  A Phoenix Familiar, when really I did once I sat down and thought about it, but an artist must suffer after all even if it’s by invention. Came up with a few more plot twists to insert along the way. And last for the day, I wrote a blog post to keeping to writing something every day.

Monday, February 4th: Work, seemed like I treaded water to just keep up with tasks. Busy, but on what I couldn’t say. Came home and after doing family related stuff I sat down to my computer. Edited my blog post for Tuesday, wrote 714 words for the 2nd chapter of A Phoenix Familiar, bringing the total up to 4,348. Didn’t sleep much the previous night, so-called the day done a little early.

Tuesday, February 5th: The day seemed to fly by. When I got home, I got caught up in non-writing tasks and family stuff and then after a while chatted with some friends. By the time I actually sat down to write it was late. I was tired. I didn’t want to write. But, I made myself sit down. I told myself that if I get just 500 words done, I’ll call it quits…and once I reached that marker, I decided I could at least meet the previous day’s amount. I nearly doubled it in the same amount of time. For not wanting to write I kicked out over 1,300 words. My total now is 5,660. Not bad.

Bored Schoolgirl from AnimateIt.net
Wednesday February 6th- Saturday, February 9th: Nada for word count. Between enjoyable social obligations and physical exhaustion not much got done. Well, it being my birthday (Thursday) and getting a new phone to play with didn’t help either. I attended meetings with Charlotte Writers on Wednesday and Saturday so I wasn’t completely slacking but I’d feel a lot better writing this today if I had some word count to gloat about. Without question, I will be back on track tomorrow.

Writing totals for this week: 3,853

Blog posts: 1,795  |  Creative writing: 2,058

Progress: A Phoenix Familiar | 5,660 of 100,000 words (5.66%) complete

In all, not terrible, but I can do better.

My goals coming up for this week: 5,000 in creative writing, 2,500 in blog posts, finishing primary production tasks for Millennial magazine, editing submissions for WOCA, and finding some organization to which posts I’ll do for Technique Tuesdays (I have a rough idea, but I want to solidify it). Only small ambitions here. 🙂

What did you do this week? Do you have goals you’d like to meet next week? Brag and share, we’re listening.

Until next time,



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