February 10 – February 16, 2013

This week has been somewhat productive, which is something I wouldn’t have agreed to before I sat down to write this post.  My memory is not on the great side, apparently, because before I looked back on exactly what I did this week I could have sworn the answer was not much. But, now that I see it laid out I see that I met at least one of my goals: writing more that 2,500 words in blog posts.  The total comes in at just over 3,100. Sweet! My creative writing count is abysmal, coming in at about 1,500 of which only about 455 was towards my novel. Oh well, just have to do better in the week coming up, right! Here’s how this week broke down:

Sunday: Wrote Tuesday’s blog post, over 1,500 words. Felt sick most of the day, didn’t get to creative writing.

Monday: Broke 6k in A Phoenix Familiar…only put in 455 additional words today. Reviewed and edited Tuesday’s post.

Tuesday: researched and wrote Friday’s post

Wednesday: went to a meeting with the Thrifty Writers Network and listened attentively as Gail Z Martin dished out some great information on the industry. Followed  that with some great BBQ with some great friends.

Thursday: edited Friday’s post and crashed early

Friday: wrote for the They Fell In Love series, finished the day with almost 1,100 words.

Saturday: did a bunch of personal errands and read/researched industry stuff. No writing.

The They Fell In Love prompt was:

He’s a leather-clad day-dreaming stage actor She’s a trans-dimensional hypochondriac traffic cop prone to fits of savage, blood-crazed rage.

I think it’ll come in at around 3k before editing so I’ll probably break it into small chunks for you all to read if it gets too long.

My counter for A Phoenix Familiar thus far:

6,082 of 100,000 words (6.1%) complete [as of February 11, 2013]

There you have it, the wrap up of week three. In week four I hope to have 5,000 more words written on A Phoenix Familiar. Wish me luck!

Word count: 339



5 thoughts on “February 10 – February 16, 2013

    • 😀 Thanks, Bard! Speaking of your blog, I need to drop in and see what you’ve been up to also. And as far as the production goes…I’m totally expecting you to blow me out of the water when you get going. I don’t try to keep up, I just watch in awe! LOL 😉

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