February 17 – February 23, 2013

This post marks the 4th week that I’ve been tracking my habits and progress. There have been busy days, and not so busy days in the last four weeks, and I think this week feel in to somewhere in the middle as far as productivity goes. That’s fine, can’t be stellar all of the time, and I certainly don’t want to be a slug any more than is absolutely necessary. I’ll take a mediocre week but as always, I’d like to see more progress next week.

Glow Stickman Dance from AnimateIt.net

This is about all of the moves I’ve got

Sunday, February 17th: Wrote Tuesday’s post, but beyond that I did a whole bunch of nothing. Watched a three hour Naruto Shippuden marathon…maybe it was four hours…it was nice.

Monday, February 18th: came up with a wicked plot twist in my novel that I nearly wrote “muah ha ha” after writing it. Is it bad that I get excited over the evil little things I have planned for my characters? 846 words down in creative writing, but it was planning so it doesn’t count against word count.

Tuesday, February 19th: Hm. I don’t remember what happened on Tuesday, and I didn’t write anything down. I guess Tuesday didn’t exist (yeah, I’m going with that).

Wednesday, February 20th: Spent some time with the Charlotte Writers and actually got something done. So it is possible. 726 words added to A Phoenix Familiar, bringing the total to 6,809. Anybody want to pay me a penny per word??? Huh? No? Fine…

Thursday, February 21st: No writing this night.

Friday, February 22nd: Read and critiqued a piece for a friend. Great story.

Saturday, February 23rd: Read another short story (again, great!), and then attended a Charlotte Writers meeting. It was cut short (in half) so we went to lunch and gabbed for a while. Then I came home and wrote another 836 words on A Phoenix Familiar bringing that total up to 7,645. I’m creeping up on 10% of my goal and getting pretty excited  about the progress I’m making. (of course it could always be better). My new goal this week is to make 10,000 by the end of this month. Last up for the day was critiquing on ERA.

word count 364


3 thoughts on “February 17 – February 23, 2013

  1. Papizilla says:

    You can’t have those moves, those are my moves! Like Jagger my moves are not….. 🙂 Some days productivity is over rated. I always throw in a handful of relaxing my mind weeks.. err I mean days.

    • LOL! Ah, then we share the same moves friend, Papizilla! It’s a sad day for the dancing world indeed. I try to have relaxing weeks, even days as infrequently as possible, which is tiring, but the trouble is off days are like chips, can’t have just one. But they must be had none-the-less, right? Can’t go full bore all of the time and the mind needs to recharge for creativity sake.

      Thank you stopping by and leaving me some laughs! It’s greatly appreciated.

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