A Token of Appreciation

Yesterday marked the end of my first official month juggling writing, blogging, life and whatnot so I would like to say thank you for the kindness and support you all have given me. In more ways than you all might imagine, your comments and feedback, words of encouragement, and correction when needed have made me a better writer, and a better person.

They say writing is a solitary endeavor, and in many ways it is. Your success or failure is in large part dependent on how much or little effort you put in all aspects of this career – the actual work, research, practice, experimentation, educating yourself on the craft and business of this field. But there is a part of writing that is very social and external. At some point in the writing process you must interact with others and how well you both treat others and in return accept their treatment can really make or break your career, help or sabotage your effort. Ego is a necessary evil in writing-you need enough of it to get by, but too much can block your progress and hurt others.

This is why I’m grateful. I understand how much of my success depends on the kindness of others in addition to my own effort. I can’t do it without you.

Your support has done much for me, even helping me to gain some accomplishments in February:

  • Wrote something every day this month except for four or five days,
  • Those 23-24 days have allowed me to contribute over 20,000 words to my various projects,
  • Of those 20,000+ words, half was dedicated to creative writing, and the other half was technical and blog writing,
  • I’ve nearly completed four chapters of A Phoenix Familiar, which is up to  almost 10,000 words or about 20 pages.

Well, as I have no prizes to give out at this time, I’ll treat you to some poetry. I hope you enjoy.


They dance in the ions of the storm

Swaying, longing, reaching, feeling

Blurs of green-Veritas symphony

Behind windows made of streaking crystalline tears

To the drumbeat of fleeing air

They worship That Which Brings the Rain

Swaying, longing, reaching, praying

Calico splotches, thumbprint and finger paint

Receiving that which gives Life

Amidst the heart-stopping strikes of light

All are touched when Her might is felt

Oh Mother

Blessed are we who receive your love.


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