February 24th through March 3rd

This week was full of busy, busy work and had a lot less to do with my creative writing than every other distraction thrown at me. Except for a couple of blog posts and 700ish words written on A Phoenix Familiar, my productivity was near non-existent. *cry* I know, don’t sweat the down weeks, everyone needs some time off, right? Of course. But, I can’t allow myself the excuses. If I start saying it’s okay that I didn’t write every day this week, then next week will be worse, and so on until I have nothing accomplished at all. And to me, that’s not acceptable.

I knew when I started this that my Sunday Wrap-up posts wouldn’t all be full of gloating over high word counts. I knew going into this that the best way to stay on track is to have my “failures” no matter how small written down. I know that if I had just written even 500 words a day, something that rarely takes me more than twenty minutes I would have had 3,500 words. I have 700. Not good. I can’t fall back into the habit of binge writing because this is the result.

Okay, now that I have it out, I’ll move on. I’ll do as much as I can today to make up for the feeble amount I did this week and then every day this week, I’ll write AT LEAST 500 words each day. That’s one page of writing per day. If I do more, great. But I will not do less.

Check back in next week to see if I’ve gotten my slacker butt back on track.

A Phoenix Familiar Progress

8,345 of 100,000 words (8.3%) complete [as of February 28, 2013]

Until next time!


2 thoughts on “February 24th through March 3rd

  1. You’ll be fine. 🙂 Promise. Patience, Padawan. Patience and time are the keys. Some writers do a hell of a lot less than you do, with a hell of a lot less justification for slow weeks. Think on that. 🙂

    • Thanks, JS. I’m not trying to be unreasonable with my expectations (trying being the operative word) but I am trying to keep focused on the promises and goals I made for myself. If I start slacking now, I worry that I’ll fall into bad habits-the ones that will hinder my progression. That is something I wish to avoid at all costs. So I’ll celebrate my accomplishments when I reach them, but ousting myself by my petard is essential too, I think. Appreciate your advice always, my friend. Thanks for coming by!

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