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Happy Friday, all!

As many of you know, writing is one of those multi-dimensional occupations. Where other disciplines you really only have one or two facets to be good at (e.g. rocket scientists build rockets and talk about rockets, teachers teach and research, artists create art and stand around sweating as others judge them) writers are expected to write, edit, manage their own business, promote their work (promotions and marketing), be savvy in legal matters concerning their rights as they deal with contracts, be a public speaker, and a performance artist. I’m not kidding about the last one. Being able to read your work in front of a crowd and make it interesting for the audience is actually kind of a big part of the deal. It’s also the part that terrifies me. I – am – no – performer. Speaking to crowds, even small ones on matters in which I’m fairly knowledgeable is so not my forté. I shake, I sweat, I can’t find my focus anywhere even at the bottom of the wine bottle, and my dyslexia actsover. (see what I did there?) Put me in front of a room full of people and watch me crumble. I’m a mess.

And while I know I better cozy up to reading out loud in front of a lot of people sooner or later, that time is not now.

So for now, as part of my research, I seek out and enjoy watching the professionals at work. Here’s one of my favorites, Sarah Kay and her performance for TED Talks “If I should have a daughter.” It’s a little long, but worth every single moment.

TED (conference)

Thanks for hanging with me today. Have a great weekend and see you on Sunday.

Until then,



6 thoughts on “Speaking Of

    • *shivers* that’s like me telling you I’ll drop you in a pit of spiders. I might get you there…but chances are you won’t be pleased. 😉 I do want to work on this even though it terrifies me…all those eyes (and I’m not talking about the spiders).

      Thanks for coming by, JS. Always enjoy your company.

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