March 3 – March 9, 2013

Happy Sunday everyone! I’m happy to share some good news that has happened this week especially after I stressed myself out last weekend wondering if I was falling into bad habits that dragged down my production. Well I was, but what I really worried about was not being able to break out of that mode. Thankfully, that worry was for not. I was very productive this week and that makes me happy!

First, I  made my first milestone with A Phoenix Familiar: 10,000 words! Yay!
Dancing Anime Girls from

That’s right, on Wednesday I reached 10% of my novel while working with the Charlotte Writers at Amelie’s. It took about a month which is a remarkable pace for me.

My second grand accomplishment this week was finding a short horror submission call that I was interested in. It’s due April 30th, and at only 3,500 words that should be no problem at all for me to reach. In fact I wrote half of it yesterday and I’m looking to finish it up today.

It’s been a good week for me! Here’s how everything worked out:

Sunday: Rest, no work. I read and took the day off for the most part.

Monday: 872 words added to A Phoenix Familiar, and 1,300 words for Tuesday’s blog post. I was on fire! 2,172 for a work day total, my keyboard was practically smoking by the end of the night.

Tuesday: The night before wore me out and I was only able to manage 200 words on A Phoenix Familiar.

Wednesday: After writing 989 words, I brought my total up to 10,406 on A Phoenix Familiar. Reaching that, I was very satisfied and socialized with my pals for a bit. All work and no play…

A Phoenix Familiar totals:

10,406 of 100,000 words (10.4%) complete [as of March 6, 2013]

Thursday: Wrote under 300 words for Friday’s post and then played around on the web for a bit. Found the e-Zine submission call right before going to bed.

Friday: Wrote 334 words on the short story – no title yet – after formulating a 700 word outline.

Saturday: Attended a Charlotte Writer’s critique meeting and threw my name in the hat to go next. Serendipitously, my name got called on the first shot. Egad, what was I thinking. This is great in that I’ll be able to get some great feedback from them in time to submit, but now that means I have to finish writing it and give it a thorough edit by the 16th. No pressure, no problem, I can do this. *bites nails* Wrote 1,096 words on the story by the end of the night.

That’s all I have for now. I’m off to put some more words down on paper and see where I get. Wish me luck in finishing the draft today. 😀

Until next time,



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