Happy Friday, everyone! Congratulations on making it through another stretch of workdays. I stumbled on a website that is randomness central and well caring is sharing, so here are some things that gave me giggles.

I bet you’ve found yourself on many occasions lately wondering what to do with your boring old ice cream. Sure you could dress it up with hot fudge and brownies, or other non-chocolate items, but… meh, that’s been done before. Sigh. What to do, what to do?

Oh, I know! Put some eyes on it!


I kid you not.


Or, have you been wondering what your letters look like…naked?


Dan Hooper has. He’s a naughty boy.


I bet you’ve even been pondering where the Industrial Revolution went wrong.

No, this isn’t steam punk – that would make for some very soggy mechanics.

Introducing the latest line on the assembly line:


It’s the cardboard plotter.

No, of course cardboard technology wasn’t on your mind. That would be silly. But what isn’t silly is the state of our economy today! People are desperate to get a hold of money these days, and even more desperate to find a safe place to store it hoping to save them from rainy days ahead. Thoughts of a larger return from their investment is almost unimaginable but people still hold out hope. But, you’re smart and you’ll find a way to see your future sprout and flourish!

Um. I don’t know where I was headed with that but it sounded good at the time…though now I’ve run out of puns, so here you are:


Okay, that’s all you get from me today, now get back to work!

Have a great weekend!




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