Body of Proof: Proofreading for Writers

Important article for all writers – must read!

Eden Royce

Proofreading is a necessity for any writer.

And you should proof to the best of your (and the Internet’s) ability before you send it to anyone else to read. Even your Beta readers or your Mom. They may not say anything but they’ll notice. Probably.

What is proofreading? It’s checking the basics. Are the words spelled correctly? Is it the right version on the word? (to, too, two for example)  Has a word been left out of a sentence?

Maybe you used a word you didn’t mean. Spellchecking programs will not always catch these. Especially if you leave the “l” out of the word public. Cringe.

It happens, even after you’ve read over your own work ten (or more) times. You’ve looked at this piece over and over again and your brain is filling in the words that you meant to write. That’s why I recommend you find someone else…

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