Happy Sunday, all. I hope you’re all well today. Here in Charlotte it’s a rainy, dreary Sunday and my house is full of boxes stacked high and wide…how the hell did all of this STUFF get here???

Never-the-less I’m in a great mood. We’re going for the final walk-through at our new house today, the closing is tomorrow, and I received some excellent, fantastic news this week. If you remember, I started this blog to share my (inevitably long) journey of becoming a professional (and well paid I hope) writer (someday). I didn’t expect to get a following or much attention until maybe when I made it big, but it seems that I have made some ripples and someone has noticed little-ol’ me.

Coffee Time Romance and More.

“I am contacting you on behalf of Coffee Time Romance & More. Your website has been chosen as May 2013’s winner of the Caramel Corner. …Also, your website is now listed on Coffee Time Romance & More’s eternal wall and placed among the Prestigious Elite 12 Websites for 2013.”

A friend told me that CTR worked with a member of Epic Org (the Electronic Publishing Industry Coalition) to select a blog a month that offers great, commonsense advice to writers for this award regardless of the genre of material the author produces (hence why I qualify even though my focus isn’t in romance per se).

Wow. I can’t explain how honored I am to be recognized in such a way. Thank you all for selecting me for this award and recognizing my humble blog. Now I kinda feel bad at the timing of my break, but that just means I’ve gotta get back to work as soon as possible.

So, officially – thank you Coffee Time Romance & More and to the readers who enjoy what I have to say. Your support means a lot to me.

I'll wear this badge proudly.

I’ll wear this badge proudly.

Click here to view CTR’s news letter.

The section that mentions this blog is about a quarter – half way down:



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