Women In Horror Month – Violet Tempest

Love and horror are two things that might not make a whole lot of sense being put in the same sentence normally, but in the month of February, we make an exception. February is not just for lovers on Valentine’s Day, it’s also been set aside to give some dedicated air space for women who write horror stories. Yes, you’ve probably heard by now that women can write horror stories too, and that they’re good at it! It’s true, I even know a few of these female horror writers personally. They’re great gals, not scary at all. *wink*

One such writer is the wonderfully warm and delightful Violet Tempest whom I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a few years ago and have been witness to her blossoming career. Don’t get me wrong, this kind and sweet woman is anything but innocent and she’s not shy to write tales of woe so dark that you’ll feel safer to read with all of the lights on. It’s a distinct pleasure of mine to introduce you all to Violet.

Violet Tempest considers herself a late bloomer to the craft. She didn’t discover her passion for writing until her late thirties. She chalks that up to having hid her true self in order to fit into society; something she no longer does by the way. The tales that flow from the characters who speak to her are full of the strange, mystical, and downright creepy. She finds inspiration for those tales all around her home in the South Carolina Lowcountry.

So Violet, can you tell everyone how you started writing in the horror genre?

How did I find myself writing horror? Hmmm…good question. First maybe I should tell you what I think Horror is. To me horror is an emotion. A visceral response to something so terrifying that you can’t look away no matter what. So to me horror isn’t something I sit down to write, it’s something that happens when the story takes me and the reader to that place so terrifying we can’t pull away, no matter what.

So to answer the question, I found myself writing horror when I stopped holding back. When I learned it is okay to let go and follow the story where it needs to go; that no matter what, don’t stop, and don’t look away.

You see I’ve always been fascinated by the thinning of the veil between realms. Even as a young child I could sense things that others did not. But stubborn, even then, I didn’t buy into, ‘It’s your imagination,’ and I kept looking for answers. Turns out those answers can be found in the mythologies and fairy tales of old. Sure, they aren’t straight forward answers, but answers none the less. To me that means the strange and unusual have been terrifying people since the beginning of time. So what could be more natural than a stroll down that darkened path with no light at the end? After all, we love to be scared.

It’s gotta be hard to scare horror writers, but we’re all human, right?! So what scares you?

What scares me? Evil. Pure Evil. We’re surrounded by it in our everyday lives. The abuse that is inflicted on the innocent. How society looks the other way. How cold the hearts of human beings have become, or maybe have always been and no one now cares if it shows. To me that’s where the evil lies, hidden beneath the supposed beauty of humanity.

Yes, human beings scare me the most.

Thanks for giving us some insight into what makes you tick. Can you tell everyone how to find you?

Visit my blog: violettempest.com
Here you will find some of the local legends in South Carolina, research I did on each one, and sometimes a short story inspired by the tale.

I have a few short stories in anthologies:

1. Deceitful Innocence can be found in The Grotestquerie Anthology edited by Eden Royce, and published by Mocha Memoirs Press, LLC.

2. An Interview will be published in The Dark Corners Anthology published by Fantom Enterprises sometime this year.

3. A Step In Time and will be published in A Gathering of Flowers Two, an anthology by the Summerville Writers Guild.

Currently I’m working on the first novella in The Soul War Serials and plan to have it available for purchase in the summer.

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